Window Cleaning Services

Getting your home as clean as it is in the model pictures often is not easy. You have to take care of every small and big part of the home separately and carefully. Talking about windows, they are a bit complicated when it comes to cleaning them.

Most of us do not always bother cleaning the edges and grooves of the windows. And then after some time, the accumulated dirt and other stains frustrate you and you just want to get rid of them without much effort.

Moreover, cleaning the glasses often leaves you with streaks that, when cleaned, make more of them. In a situation like this, only an expert method performed by expert hands can work.

We understand your fantasies of having a home with sparkling glasses. Thus, our team works together to bring it into reality and make your home not less than any model house you often see in magazines.

Office windows cleaning

Office windows need special care to maintain an overall neatened look of the office. Your office is meant for some purpose and its fulfillment depends a lot on how you have maintained the decorum of everything in the building. Keeping the glasses of your office twinkling will not only cast a good effect on your mental health but also make others think positively about you and your business.

Thus all the office windows and glass rooms or partitions must be cleaned by professionals. We, at Martinez cleaning, have made our windows cleaning plan specifically according to these requirements. Our cleaners will use damage-free and effective tools to get the stains and dirt completely removed.

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    Moreover, they will use solutions to add spark to the mirror to make you feel confident about your place. The staff is well aware of what is going on in the industry, so they take care of all the protocols required while doing their job.

    Residential Window Cleaning

    Windows that are installed in your home require a little different care from commercial windows. So, our staff performs the role exactly according to the home requirements.

    Being busy homeowners, you never want to take your whole day and clean every nook and corner of the windows and their frames. We understand that the task is not simple.

    It is not just about the usage of the right tools and products but also about identifying which type of glass is used in the making of windows. Thus, the treatment of every glass is specific. It ensures the complete and secure cleaning of the windows.

    Most of the time, you end up hurting yourself when trying to clean with the glass and the frame of the window from every side. That’s why we recommend hiring professional window cleaners in Albany and near it. Not only will it save you from the fuss of doing the work on your own but also leave your mind satisfied with the excellence of work.

    Pressure Cleaning of Windows

    In case the windows or the sides of it are not getting completely cleaned and the dirt or grease is stuck inside of the frame, our staff will use a special pressure cleaning method designed particularly for windows washing.

    Don’t worry, it is in no way going to damage the panes. Our experts use mild pressure only at the areas which need to be cleaned very deeply and are not accessed by hands or other tools. The glass is first tested and checked completely to the withstanding capacity. Only after the proper examination starts the process of pressure washing your windows.

    This process helps the removal of all the deeply embedded stains without affecting the durability of the frame.

    Serving at your ease

    After putting much thought into what should be the target of our services and how can we be the most client-friendly service, we have come with a simple yet justified and effective motto.

    As we always look for the demands of our customers and keep on searching for their best interests, we claim to ‘serve at your ease’. To make sure our purpose is being fulfilled, we take continuous feedback, do industry investigation and analyze the growing needs of people in all domains. This is how we make it possible to reach the comfort of clients.

    Other things that we do retain the standards of our services in windows cleaning are

    • We provide damage-free and complete cleaning

    • Use specific methods for the removal of stubborn stains

    • Use tested applicators, squeegee cleaning methods, and all tools which make a good use

    • Deal with every kind of window (single or double-paned, solariums, storm windows, etc.) with specific cleaning methods

    • Make sure to provide you a cleaned window

    We are affordable in our rates despite being the best window cleaners near you

    Provide timely services without any complications

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