Disaster Cleaning Services

If your business or office has been damaged by a disaster -- natural or manmade -- getting things up and running and your doors open is probably your only priority. This may be one of the toughest things you'll experience as a business owner, but we're here to help.

As business owners, we feel your pain. Restoring your business so that customers or employees can return will put you on the path to recovery following a natural disaster.

Our staff will handle the disaster cleanup and light repairs so you can focus on getting your business back to normal. Disaster recovery is never easy, so you shouldn't try to go it alone.

Our Disaster Cleaning Services

Fire Restoration: we can help clean and restore office furniture, carpets or other items that were subjected to smoke as the result of a fire. We also specialize in a general cleanup of the building in the aftermath of a fire.

Natural disaster cleanup: natural disasters can damage your office building or business in multiple ways. It's hard to truly assess the damage until a thorough cleanup and cleaning have taken place. Our natural disaster cleaning service teams will properly clean your facility or building, allowing maintenance issues to become more easily detected. We also provide a detailed report of the damage that will allow you properly plan your recovery.

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    Mold cleaning: mold makes your building unsafe and unpleasant for customers and employees. If your place of business is experiencing a problem with mold, our team can take action to prevent the spread of the problem. Using special products and techniques, we will make sure your business is mold free and welcoming to workers and clients.

    We're here for you

    We truly care about our clients and value the trust they put into us during difficult times. We consider it our responsibility to meet the high standards we've set for ourselves and surpass all of your expectations. Our trained staff are there to provide the help you need in the aftermath of a disaster.

    Given the level of uncertainty following a disaster, we will work with you on a payment plan that allows you to focus on getting your doors open again. Call us today to learn more.

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    (518) 382-3002