Sanitization Cleaning Services

After living with COVID-19 protocols for so long, our society has come to expect a certain level of sanitization. One of Martinez Cleanings' premier services is sanitation cleaning. We service all areas of the capital region; Cohoes, Schenectady, Albany, and the surrounding areas. Our sanitation services cover an essential step of hygiene – disinfection.

We remove the dust and pollutants from every corner of your establishment. Our team of sanitation professionals are trained in our signature seven-step cleaning process and is ready to tackle any area necessary; whether it's your office, store, hospital, or school, Martinez Cleaning has you covered.

Commercial Sanitation

We provide sanitization solutions for banks, grocery stores, offices, plazas, hotels, salons, and any type of buildings. We know it’s hard to keep a business open, especially during a pandemic, but relying on us can ensure your business remains open and your employees remain healthy. We create customized sanitization plans for commercial buildings and incorporate them into our long-term cleaning services.

When servicing our customers in commercial spaces, we start by cleaning the items placed on surfaces. We then vacuum and mop before sanitizing the entire area with a combination of disinfectants. Feel free to discuss your establishment’s needs with us in the form below., Our team of experts is always ready to address your concerns.

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    What Makes us the Best?

    We know we’re the best and the most reliable service provider area, but we consider it our responsibility to prove it to you on every visit.

    Our client-centric services make us distinct from other Albany area providers. The more you trust us, the more we consider earning that trust to be our most important duty.We continually update our services to address changing needs and trends.

    • We use the most innovative techniques, tools, and products for disinfecting and cleaning

    • We are flexible in our terms and conditions

    • We optimize our services according to your specific business needs

    • We train our staff regularly to keep them up to day with new procedures

    Our Special Services

    Along with providing disinfectant services in Troy, Cohoes, Albany, Schenectady and surrounding areas, we provide specific services on the demand of clients.

    These include

    • Providing steam sanitizing services

    • Lizards, rats, or cockroach control services

    • Sewage system cleaning services

    Consulting with our Professionals

    Our team of professionals is always ready to address any questions or concerns you might have. We provide free consultation sessions with senior staff that allow us to learn more about your needs and sanitization requirements. We look forward to providing you with the personalized experience you expect and deserve.

    (518) 382-3002
    (518) 382-3002