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At Martinez Cleaning, we’ve been serving businesses in New York’s Capital District for more than 20 years. In that time, we’ve gained an understanding of just how important it is to keep your office carpet clean. We’ve also seen just about everything that can happen to a commercial carpet.

Cleaning is our business, so let us put our expertise to work in keeping your office carpet looking great for both your customers and employees.

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    Your office doesn’t look good unless your carpet looks great!

    A dirty or stained office carpet creates a negative first impression for clients and visitors. Your office should inspire confidence in your business and not call your professionalism and attention to detail into question.

    Failure to properly clean office carpeting can also lead to employee health issues, such as allergies or respiratory problems that will lower productivity and increase absenteeism. Properly caring for your carpeted floors will also save you money in the long run, because untreated stains and the accumulation of abrasive materials will wear out the carpet more quickly, forcing you to fully replace it sooner.

    Office carpet cleaning services.

    Professional carpet cleaning from Martinez Cleaning

    Our professionals follow a process designed to help even aging carpeting look its best. Each step in our cleaning regimen improves the efficiency of the next step, and when we’re done, your office carpet is as clean and beautiful as possible. Our process includes:

    • Inspection
    • Vacuuming
    • Spot cleaning
    • Deep cleaning
    • Dirt extraction
    • Drying
    • Post-cleaning inspection
    Martinez Cleaning free carpet inspection.


    Problem areas require special attention that varies in intensity, depending on what caused the stain. Our thorough inspection process will identify all concerns with your office carpet and allow our staff to determine the best pre-treatment to use.

    Martinez Cleaning facility maintenance.


    Before the carpeting is dampened in any way, we vacuum every inch of your office carpeting. This removes all loose dirt and debris, including pollen, so the next steps in the cleaning can focus on the most stubborn stains.

    Martinez Cleaning carpet stain removal.

    Spot cleaning

    Problem areas identified during the inspection phase receive individual treatment with specialized cleaners to remove stains as much as possible, before the entire carpet is deep cleaned.

    Deep clean removes allergens, dust, bacteria.

    Deep cleaning

    Using a professional-grade commercial carpet cleaner, we inject a mixture of water and cleaning solution into the carpet fibers to loosen stains and stubborn debris. The machine then uses brushes and rotating agitators to dislodge caked-in gunk and lift stains to the surface where they can be extracted.

    Dirt extraction

    Our commercial carpet cleaner extracts most of the water and cleaning solution from the carpet, removing the loosened debris and stains at the same time. This leaves your carpet cleaner, brighter, and looking its best.

    Martinez Cleaning fast dry carpet clean.


    While it’s still damp, carpet is vulnerable to staining from shoes and foot traffic. Office carpet cleaning usually takes place during non-business hours to provide protection against this, but we also use fans and other air movers to facilitate drying and make sure your carpet is ready when your employees return.

    Martinez Cleaning satisfaction guarantee.

    Post cleaning inspection

    Our process is tried and true, but quality control is vital. Our cleaning regimen is only complete after we conduct a thorough inspection to verify that we’ve achieved the results you want.

    The importance of commercial carpet cleaning services

    If your business has carpeted floors, professional cleaning on a regular basis is vital. You’ll find that restoring your carpet’s appearance will improve employees’ sense of well-being while at work and positively impact how customers feel about you. Happy employees and confident customers are great for business, and your CFO will be glad to move carpet replacement to next year’s budget, or beyond!

    How often should office carpets be professionally cleaned?

    Office carpets should be professionally cleaned at least every 6-12 months to maintain a hygienic workspace. However, high-traffic areas or environments prone to spills and stains may require cleaning every 3-6 months.

    Regular professional cleaning extends the lifespan of the carpet and improves indoor air quality by removing allergens, dust, and bacteria trapped within the fibers. Scheduling professional cleanings at regular intervals ensures a healthier and more inviting office environment for employees and visitors.

    Do you provide commercial carpet cleaning as a stand-alone service?

    Yes, we provide professional carpet cleaning services for offices as a stand-alone service. However, we find that combining regular carpet cleanings with our ongoing cleaning services keeps your carpet looking better for longer. Contact us at any time to learn about our custom cleaning plans.

    Commercial floor cleaning service.

    Our office carpet cleaning service is only the beginning

    At Martinez Cleaning, we create and implement custom cleaning plans that work for your business and schedule. These usually include regular carpet cleanings for offices with carpeting, but we also provide regular cleaning services that keep every part of your business space looking great and operating smoothly.

    Choose Martinez Cleaning for professional carpet cleaning services

    Whether you’re looking for a one-time carpet cleaning, or daily cleaning services for your entire office or building, we’re ready to go to work for you. Contact us today to discuss your needs, schedule a walk-through, and receive an estimate for cleaning services.

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