Professional Carpet Cleaning

How you decorate your office expresses your company's style and creates comfort for your employees, but everything comes at a cost. Carpets add comfort but can attract more germs than an uncarpeted floor. Carpeted offices need to be cleaned regularly using special methods.

As a professional carpet cleaning company, the expert Martinez staff knows how to efficiently clean your carpet to maintain the professional environment your employees and customers expect.

Vacuuming and Brushing

The carpet cleaning process starts with vacuuming and brushing. We use the most up-to-date machinery that both cleans and preserves the quality of your carpeting.

The machine's rotating brushes remove most dirt and small particles of dust from the carpet. If the carpet has not been professionally cleaned for some time, we use more powerful carpet cleaning extractors. The extractors are strong enough to remove high quantities of hair, dirt and even some grease from the carpet. Even though the extractors are powerful, our professional cleaners know how to use them in ways that preserve the quality and appearance of your carpeting.

Dry Cleaning of Carpets

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    After your office carpets are thoroughly brushed and vacuumed, they may still require additional cleaning to remove all unsightly spots. In some cases, dry cleaning may be recommended over other methods that require more water. Dry cleaning still involves the use of water, but in a limited amount. In the end, your carpets are just as clean and will look newer and more appealing.

    Even when carpets are vacuumed on daily basis, they can still retain deeply embedded germs, dirt, grease and other unwanted materials. A rigorous dry cleaning process can get down to the micro-level and ensure that your office environment is clean and inviting for your workers and customers. Through our long-term office carpet cleaning packages, you can be sure your carpet receives the level of attention it needs to say clean and free of odors and germs.

    Disinfecting the Carpet

    No matter how clean you keep the rest of your office or facility, without specialized attention your carpets will become the most infected thing in your building as they collect microbes, bacteria and viruses. It's necessary to disinfect carpeting regularly and it's now more important than ever if you want to make your employees and potential customers feel safe in your business.

    Our staff are disinfectant experts and we will work with you to create effective sanitizing plans and ensure ninety-nine percent removal of unhealthy materials from your carpets. Your protection is our priority. Our sanitizing methods like spray and fogging disinfect without leaving your carpet soggy, moist or stinky. You'll be left with a pleasant and healthy environment.

    Carpet Washing

    If your carpets require more than our dry-cleaning process, carpet washing is an option. Our staff will use special washing methods and safe detergents to make your carpet look new again.

    While washing, our staff protects your carpets by using cleaning materials that will not cause your carpets to deteriorate. As a professional carpet cleaning company, we know that harsh cleaning methods that ultimately destroy your carpet are counterproductive. We keep your carpets as clean as possible while prolonging their lifespan, and that saves you mone.

    Carpet Stains

    Sometimes the problem isn't the everyday use that leaves carpets dirty over time. It might be that a single event or accident has left an unsightly and conspicuous stain in your office. Our staff has years of experience dealing with this frustrating task.

    We use specific stain removal techniques to extract the material causing the stains, even from the deepest layers of your carpet's fibers. The stain can have been caused by anything from spills, grease, dust, moisture, allergens, insects, mites or food. These stains can leave your office looking unprofessional.

    Our cleaning experts know how to deal with all types of stains and use specific techniques based on your carpet and the source of the stain.

    Serving You is our Passion

    Our carpet cleaning staff is dedicated to our work and always keeps the successful completion of your carpet cleaning as its ultimate goal. We never consider a project completed until our client is completely satisfied. Serving Albany, New York and the greater Capital District, our carpet cleaners continually prove themselves and always outshine the competition.

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