Office Cleaning Services in Albany

Keeping an enterprise squeaky clean and fresh is important not only because it is essential for the health and safety of your employees and it will help to enhance their productivity but also because it will also leave a good first impression on your clients which will reflect the values and customs of your company. Keeping the importance of having a tidy enterprise and it’s perks in mind Martinez Cleaning has been providing commercial office cleaning services in Albany and in the nearby areas with an aim to provide a sanitary work environment. For years, we have been providing office cleaning in Albany. Our professional cleaners are vetted and experienced and use environment friendly products and latest technology equipment to provide the best results. We offer several different types of office cleaning services in Albany such as carpet cleaning, window cleaning and floor cleaning etc.

Customer-Centric Services

Our services are made available to our customers 24/7. You just need to contact us and one of our friendly and skillful professionals will show up at your door steps on time. If you want to book an appointment for our services you can contact us and can schedule a particular day and set time according to your feasibility and ease.

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    Looking for a Day Porter?

    The floors of commercial properties witness a lot of wear and tear which can give a bad impression to your visitors, employees, and clients. Therefore, the floors need consistent regular cleaning and maintenance. We realize the need of a day porter in high traffic areas and provide day porters for office cleaning services in Albany. Our day porters are highly trained to carry all sorts of cleaning processes, cleaning filthy and smelly washrooms, gathering trash and looking after minor repairs.

    Team of Finest and Trustworthy Professional Cleaners

    We have a widespread network of professional cleaning experts, who are friendly, skillful and experienced. They are highly trained and provide quality services in accordance to the standards that have been set by us. They are equipped with the latest equipment and employ techniques which help them to perform their work effectively and efficiently. Our professionals are trustworthy as we perform a background check before hiring them. Our professionals provide Commercial office cleaning services in Albany which are unparalleled to any other as they understand that a workplace comprises a number of appliances, areas and equipment that need uncommon cleaning and ensure they leave no room for complaints. We don't send any cleaner to your place to carry out cleaning but we match your cleaning requirements with our professionals and then send that cleaner to perform cleaning operations at your place.

    Don't Worry About the Prices

    Hefty and exorbitant prices are charged by different companies to conduct office cleaning in Albany. But we provide our services at very affordable and reasonable rates making our services approachable and economical for all. We also offer discounts if it’s the first time you are experiencing our services. To fit your budget and requirements we also offer any sort of customizations in our cleaning plan as per your desire.

    Fulfilling our Responsibility Towards Environment

    A lot of professional cleaning companies do not care about how their cleaning services and the products used by them will affect soil, air and wildlife once they go down the drain. We understand the sensitivity of how the chemicals, soaps, detergents and disinfectants used for cleaning contain different levels of harmful synthetics that are anyway not effective and do not bear fruitful results in the long run. We realize the hazardous and negative impacts of such strong and toxic cleaning products and that is the reason we opted for green cleaning. We use biodegradable products that do not have any harmful effects on the environment. We advocate for an environment which is safe for not only humans but for nature as well so we make sure that our cleaning products and practices are eco-friendly.

    Precautions Ensure Safety

    We make sure that all safety protocols are followed by our cleaners and all cleaning procedures are conducted in a safe manner to avoid any sort of unfortunate mishap for their own safeguard as well as for the safety of our clients as well. To ensure this our cleaners wear and carry all the necessary safety equipment.

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Our basic aim is that by the end of our services our clients must be satisfied with our services because satisfaction is the key to a loyal client. Satisfaction helps us to retain our clients. That is the reason we leave no room for complaint and aim to achieve 100% satisfaction. If our customers are not satisfied by the end of our services they can ask for a refund or re-cleaning.

    Special Event Cleaning

    If you have planned out an event at your organization and you are looking for someone to take charge of the cleaning and maintenance then we are just a call away. Our team of professional cleaners will take the responsibility to provide you with a clean and sound environment throughout the event, taking the burden off your shoulders so that you can enjoy the event properly.

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