Floor Cleaning Services

Floors are one of the first things customers or clients notice when entering your office or place of business. Floors are the part of almost any commercial space that are used most frequently and are prone to get dirty sooner. Keeping your floors as clean as possible is one of the most important aspects of the overall cleanliness of your establishment.

We not only clean floors, but also provide quick solutions when you have guests coming at the last minute. Moreover, our floor waxing services provide long-term cleaning solutions, allowing you to remain worry-free for an extended time and focus on growing your business.

Floor Waxing Services

Our floor waxing services have you covered when it comes to touch stains, grease, or heavy stains. Our cleaners follow our seven-step cleaning process and will wax and strip your floors to perfection. Tiny grooves between tiles and corners typically go unnoticed, but our staff at Martinez Cleaning is ready to take care of small areas others might ignore.

The result will elevate the overall look of your space. We also provide consulting services if you need our friendly staff members to assess your floor’s needs and provide a quote for floor cleaning services.

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    Floor Washing and Buffing Services

    Floor washing and buffing are our most requested services. A thorough wash ensures deep cleaning of your office’s floors. It's a delicate process where we use mild detergents to remove bacteria and other infectious microbes efficiently. We use advanced brushes and buffing tools to remove unwanted particles before cleaning and drying the floors to ensure a shiny, spotless appearance.

    Commercial Floor Cleaning

    Commercial floors are used more frequently and require closer attention during cleaning, and they come in close contact with various people, bringing dirt and germs our naked eye can't see. Our experts at Martinez Cleaning perform detailed cleaning services for your commercial floors, improving the health and image of your organization. We will hand-pick and carefully choose the disinfecting material we use on your floors to provide a long-term, germ-free environment.

    Carpeted Floors

    Carpeted floors can become greasy and attract more germs, dirt, and other pollutants. Our specialists clean carpeting with powerful vacuums and dirt extractors that will leave your office with a pleasant look. Our disinfecting methods remove the dirt and grit while making sure your carpet is left dry and moisture free to prevent the development of mold or mildew.

    Choose Us for an Ultimate Cleaning Service

    At Martinez Cleaning, we believe we have to evolve and grow as industry standards do. We keep up-to-date with the latest technologies in the cleaning industry and train our team on any new methods introduced. From hardwood floors to commercial floors or even carpeted floors, there's nothing in the field that we do not consider before creating a cleaning plan, regardless of your floor environment. Our attention to detail allows us to create the ultimate cleaning service that delivers the results our customers have come to expect.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1Do you buff floors after waxing?
    Yes, we offer buffing at Martinez cleaning. Buffing is a part of floor cleaning. Buffing is actually used to remove scratches from the wood and tile floors. Buffing provides extra shine to the floor. If the scratches occur on the wax layer then you need to buff the floor after waxing.
    2 How often should floors be waxed?
    Some floors need to be waxed one time after six months. Yet, most floors need to be waxed every month. Waxing protects your floor and maintains its shine. Yet, if you look at your floor dull then try waxing by Martinez cleaning.
    3How much does it cost to wax a floor?
    About $1-2 are expected per sq. ft. The cost to wax a floor depends upon the area. If your area of the floor is 300 sq. ft. then according to this area the cost will be preferred. Overall rates start from $130.
    4What does buffing a floor do?
    Mainly buffing is preferred to protect your hardwood layer of the floor. Scratches and dullness on your hardwood look inappropriate. Mainly buffing helps to recover the area of scratches. You should buff your tiles and wood floor to maintain its life span.
    5How much does it cost to buff a floor?
    The cost starts from $3-$100 per square foot. This cost to buff a floor is not higher than renovating your floor. Cost depends upon the sq. ft. area. Prices are different for refinishing and sanding. Some floors have a $3000 cost for buffing.
    6When should dusting be done?
    For your floor cleaning, you should dust your areas of living after every week. You should thoroughly clean your room after a month. Deep cleaning is very important to remove bacteria and germs. If your area is not in much use then you should perform dusting one time within a month.
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