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Commercial floor cleaning services from Martinez Cleaning will keep your office or facility floors looking new and clean. Trust our professionals, because if your floors don’t look clean, nothing looks clean!

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    The importance of clean and well-maintained floors

    When visitors enter your office or business, the condition of the floors is one of the first things they will notice. Given the heavy use and rapid accumulation of dirt in commercial settings, maintaining the appearance of your floor is important for the overall perception of your establishment’s cleanliness and hygiene. A key strategy for achieving the professional look you want is finding commercial floor cleaning services that include regular stripping and waxing of the floors. Martinez floor stripping and waxing services will not only enhance the appearance of your business, but also create an inviting environment for all clients, customers and employees.

    Martinez floor cleaning services.

    The Martinez approach to commercial floor cleaning

    Martinez Cleaning staff will sweep and mop your floor surfaces on every visit, but from time to time, your floors will need a deeper cleaning. Stripping off the old wax and applying new coats are essential to keeping your business looking as clean as possible. While there are multiple options for stripping off old wax, the overall process is as follows:

    • Move furniture to clear all floors and remove all surface dirt. We can provide movers if necessary.
    • Strip and remove all old wax using commercial grade machines. This process may be done with or without wetting the floors.
    • Apply multiple coats of new wax and allow the appropriate drying time.
    • Replace all furniture. We use photos to ensure that all items are returned to their proper location.

    Commercial floor stripping

    Any professional floor waxing service should begin with the removal of old wax. Our commercial floor wax stripping process involves a meticulous approach, employing either wet or dry methods to achieve optimal results. The wet method begins with the application of a specialized wax-stripping solution, carefully spread across the floor surface. This solution works to break down and dissolve the existing wax layers. Subsequently, a scrubbing machine equipped with abrasive pads agitates the solution, ensuring thorough wax removal.

    The dry method is more environmentally friendly and typically involves the use of a high-powered dry floor wax stripper. A professional-grade machine fitted with an abrasive pad to agitate and remove the old wax. The dry method enhances the precision of the wax-stripping process, leaving the commercial floor thoroughly cleaned and ready for the application of fresh wax.

    Floor waxing

    After the surface is thoroughly cleaned and prepared for optimal adhesion, the new wax is applied using a specialized applicator or mop, ensuring a consistent coat across the entire floor. After the initial application, the wax is left to dry and cure, forming a protective layer that enhances the floor’s resilience and appearance. We apply additional coats as needed.

    The results will elevate the overall look of your space. We also provide consulting services if you need an assessment of your floor’s needs and or a quote for office or commercial floor cleaning services.

    Floor buffing services

    Once you invest in professional floor waxing services, periodic buffing of office floors is crucial for several reasons. First, it helps to restore and maintain the floor’s glossy appearance by smoothing out any imperfections and minimizing wear and tear. Secondly, buffing enhances the overall cleanliness of the space by removing dirt, scuff marks, and other blemishes that accumulate over time. The process of buffing can also improve the floor’s traction, creating a safer and more comfortable environment for employees and visitors alike.

    Benefits of professional floor cleaning services

    Your commercial floors work hard. With all the foot traffic, they’re practically magnets for dirt and germs that you can’t even see. The Martinez Cleaning team is here to give your commercial floors some serious TLC – not just for the looks a fresh floor waxing will give, but to improve the whole feel of your workplace. Our experts carefully choose the right disinfecting materials to keep those floors germ-free for the long haul. It’s all about keeping your workspace not just clean, but healthy and happy too!

    Commercial floor cleaning service.

    Additional floor cleaning services

    Maintaining the cleanliness of commercial floors between waxing and buffing sessions involves a strategic approach. Regular sweeping and dusting are essential to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris that can scratch or dull the floor surface. Additionally, prompt spot cleaning of spills and stains helps prevent them from becoming embedded over time.

    Floor washing and buffing services

    Floor washing and buffing are among our most requested services. Our meticulous approach involves a thorough wash to deeply cleanse your office floors. Using mild detergents, we eliminate dirt, bacteria, and grime. Our state-of-the-art brushes and buffing tools remove all unwanted particles and we wrap up with a drying process that will leave your floors shiny and spotless.

    Carpeted floors

    Carpeted floors can accumulate grease and attract germs, dirt, and other pollutants. Our specialists employ powerful vacuums and dirt extractors to clean the carpet, ensuring a pleasant appearance for your office. Our disinfecting methods effectively remove dirt and grit while ensuring that the carpet is left dry and moisture-free, preventing the development of mold or mildew.

    Choose Martinez for professional floor cleaning services tailored to your needs.

    At Martinez Cleaning, we believe in evolving and growing alongside industry standards. We stay current with the latest technologies in the cleaning industry and ensure our team is trained on any new methods introduced. Whether it’s commercial space, carpeted floors, or an office that needs a periodic strip and wax floor service, we consider all of your needs when developing a cleaning plan. Our meticulous attention to detail enables us to provide the ultimate floor cleaning service, consistently delivering the results our customers expect.

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