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    We Offer the best
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      Client's Testimonial

      • Martinez Cleaning has been cleaning our office since 2003. Very professional and the staff is friendly.
        Meryl Winnie
        Arcon Construction
      • Martinez Cleaning has been the on-site janitorial company at our school for about 6 years. We are satisfied with the quality of cleaning that they provide. Our day porter is great and if there is anything that is needed immediately, he gets it done. Labbie, the owner of the company is very responsive to our needs and always willing to go the extra mile.
        Jessica Hudson
        Henry Johnson Charter School
      • I've had a great experience with Labbie and his crew at Martinez Cleaning. I highly recommend them!
        Michael DeLuke
        DeLuke Orthodontics
      • Cleaning Services in New York, Martinez Cleaning LLC
        Martinez Cleaning is a great company to work for and do an excellent job. I love working with this company I hope to have more people on it is a great company to hire and do an excellent job. Thanks.
        Boye Solo

      Commercial Cleaning Services

      Sanitation Cleaning

      Sanitation is the most important part of cleaning because it protects human health. It protects our health from severe diseases and illnesses. Proper sanitization of houses have become compulsory after the outbreak of the Covid. We are providing our services in Newyork by disinfecting the homes and offices of the people to protect them from the disease. If you are looking for commercial janitorial cleaning services nearby, then our highly skilled team will provide you with proper sanitization and disinfection services.

      Other local commercial cleaning companies are also offering their services, but if you want to try professional commercial cleaners then there is nothing better than us. The services we are offering are done by techniques that are not harmful for pets and kids. Also the chemicals used for cleaning purposes are non toxic and non hazardous.

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      Floor cleaning

      Clean and tidy floors are the first things that people notice when they visit you. If your floors are not cleaned properly it will leave a bad impression of yours on other people. Martinez Company provides you with the best floor cleaning and maintaining services. Unclean floors are the one of the biggest causes of transfer of germs and bacteria so our team makes sure that floors are not only just cleaned but also properly disinfected. Our company provides the services of cleaning by the use of a highly professional team. These professionals are experts in cleaning dirty floors by using trusted and safe techniques. Also a biggest challenge in floor cleaning is to remove the permanent stains from the floor. So if you are looking for commercial floor cleaning services nearby, then Martinez Company should be your first priority.

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      Window Cleaning Services

      Regular cleaning of your windows is very necessary because dirt, debris, and pollution can stick on your window glass. We at Martinez Company aim to provide you the best service for window cleaning. The normal removal of dirt from the glass of windows is not enough to properly clean the window. For proper cleaning, there is a need for commercial window washing services that can remove the dirt and clean the window from inside as well as outside. Our skilled professionals use trusted techniques of window cleaning. We are committed and focused on providing you with quality services with the help of skilled teams, equipment, and techniques. This cleaning must be done by professional commercial cleaners and for that, you go for Martinez commercial cleaning company.

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      Disaster Cleaning Services

      Martinez Company is one of the best commercial cleaning companies in providing services for disaster cleaning. Our commercial cleaning company has the expertise and enough knowledge to handle and understand the difficult situations caused by disasters. That is why when things go such wrong, there is a need for a professional and highly skilled team to come and manage the after-effects that are caused by disasters. Martinez Company is an emergency disaster specialist. We are providing our services in restoration of properties and materials that are damaged by fire, flooding, tsunami, and other unexpected disasters. Our team of skilled and professional workers are working hard throughout the pandemic time. We are supporting schools, businesses, and different organizations all over the country after the coronavirus pandemic. Our services are now increased because after the Covid the need for proper cleaning is arised. Our skilled professional team is training very hard to prepare themselves to stay strong and help others in every disaster situation.

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      Professional Carpet Cleaning

      Carpet is a necessary product, either it is your home or your office. But managing the cleanliness of the carpets can be the most difficult task ever. The fibers of the carpets have bacteria, viruses, dust and other allergens attached to it. When it comes to professional carpet cleaning and maintenance, Martinez Cleaning should be your first priority. Martinez Cleaning is providing commercial carpet cleaning services for complete and thorough cleaning of the carpet. Our team of professionals make sure that the bacterias and germs are fully removed inside the carpet. Cleaning carpet can be one of the most difficult tasks if done all by yourself. Therefore for professional cleaning of your carpets to make it the same as new, you should consider taking the services from Martinez Company.

      Buying a carpet is easy, but maintaining its quality and texture can be a very difficult task. Martinez Company uses techniques and chemicals for carpet cleaning that are not harmful to the environment. The chemicals we use for cleaning are soft for the texture of the carpet. The smoothness of the carpet is increased by our cleaning techniques and it is safe for your kids and pets to play. If you are looking for the best commercial carpet cleaning services in Newyork, then you should go for Martinez Company.

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      Markets We Serve

      Everything looks a burden when you don't have a proper service provider to clean them. When it comes to cleaning, the need for an excellent cleaning service provider arises.

      To solve this problem, we have come up with a solution to your every cleaning problem. Here at Martinez Company, we provide cleaning services in Newyork. Our cleaning techniques are unique and safe so that they may not cause any harm to you. We are providing our cleaning services by the use of a highly professional team so that we provide you with quality services.

      We have been serving in this market for twenty years, so now we have a huge list of trusted clients that rely on our services.

      Industrial Office Buildings

      Martinez Cleaning is providing services in transforming your dirty office building into a tidy and neat office. We are providing our services with the help of a highly trained professional team. Our team ensures you that each and every corner of your office will be neat and clean. Our office cleaning team specialists use trusted cleaning methods to ensure the deep cleaning and sanitization of the office. We'll help you build a positive environment in your office by providing a clean atmosphere to the clients. It will help them to boost their morale and productivity.

      Medical Offices

      Martinez Cleaning is also providing its services in the cleaning and sanitization of the medical offices. Our company goal is to provide you a clean and safe environment in the medical offices. Our team is providing appropriate cleaning services in the medical offices to control the risk of infection and diseases. We are a team of trained cleaning professionals that will provide every solution for your cleaning requirements. As we can understand, medical places require a higher level of cleaning. Because these places are at a higher risk of the spread of germs and diseases. Martinez Cleaning makes sure that medical offices get regular professional cleaning and every corner of these places must be properly disinfected and free from germs.


      Our company is also providing proper cleaning services in airports. As you know airport cleaning requires some special techniques and expertise needed to clean different settings. Our airports need to be continuously cleaned because of the employees, passengers, and visitors that are visiting there regularly. Martinez Cleaning services ensure that the proper hygiene and sanitation of the airport are maintained on a regular basis. Our team of professional cleaning experts makes sure that every corner of airports is cleaned on a daily basis. We provide janitorial airport cleaning services such as Lobby cleaning, window, and floor cleaning and restroom sanitization, etc.


      Banks are places that have many visitors daily. So therefore we can not do any compromise on its cleanliness. To maintain the cleanliness of banks, Martinez regularly cleans and disinfects each and every corner of the bank. We are taking every measure to ensure the protection of employees and guests from the spread of germs, bacteria, and other diseases. Banks can be a source for the production of bacteria and germs. Our company provides proper sanitation and disinfection of the equipment, chairs, and machine, etc.

      Post Construction Cleanup

      Martinez Company is also providing services in post-cleanup of construction sites. Our team cleans the post-construction site to ensure that the employees working in the construction sites will be safe and sound. If you are looking for someone to clean your construction site then definitely you should contact Martinez Cleaning. We are offering a variety of cleaning services that are a solution for all your post-construction cleaning needs. Our cleaning services range from removing dirt, grime, and dust from the walls to cleaning the interior masonry, etc./p>


      One of the main goals of our cleaning services is to provide complete cleaning services at school. In schools, only cleaning is not enough but you have to maintain proper hygiene in schools. The Martinez Company is taking appropriate cleaning measures to ensure that the children and staff coming to school are safe and secure. We are also providing sanitation and disinfection of the schools to reduce the risk of the transfer of diseases. Our team of professional cleaners is also responsible for disinfecting the school, to make the school free of germs.

      Commercial Office Buildings

      Martinez Cleaning is considered one of the best cleaning companies in Newyork. Our company is providing services in the cleaning of commercial office buildings to protect the health of the employees and workers. We know that you spend most of your time in your offices and workplaces. Working in a dirty place can cause you illness and depression. Taking care of your health is our utmost priority. We are providing you with proper cleaning of your office buildings so that you can be more productive and work effectively.


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